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Adorable fun loving pygmy kids, are usually available in April, the gorgeous bundles of joy must be sold in pairs, unless having goats already, like other livestock these also must have company with their own kind, along with routine care like hoof trimming, we will willingly go through this with you before or when ready to go unto new homes, seen in the picture goat kids can be a variety of colour
particular needs in keeping pygmy goats.

particular needs in keeping pygmy goats.

Goats can not tolerate rain unlike cattle, a field shelter is a important need, although goats may have access to hedgerows and grassland, hay will still be required at all times, the paddock is for day purpose only at night all have a safe dry haven. Information about goat husbandry is widely accessible throughout the Internet

We sell show stock and pets when available, genuine enquires, along with suitable homes only please. An on and off premises movement licence form needs completing this is a legal requirement .

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